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24 April 2014
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24 April 2014, Comments: Comments Off on WordPress Support and New Site

WordPress support is one of the main activities at WebMedley. Our customers use WordPress to run their online operations — whether the customer is a 2 person company, a 2000 member church, or a multi-national company.

We were wondering how to bring more value to our customers. We really looked at our business and learned a few things about most of our WordPress customers:

  • Regular training and help is requested — but the help isn’t often technical, it is often walking someone through How To do something
  • The help does not need to be face to face (we’ve supported clients while traveling to other countries!)
  • Low dollar, subscription pricing is preferred
  • Most requests are emailed to us
  • Customers want to send in a request and have us handle it
  • When customers do want training or to learn How To, then our screen-sharing works the best for fast, easy help
  • Most requests require a half-hour or less
  • Customers prefer one monthly invoice that includes hosting and help

We took this information and compared it to our other customers who would prefer face to face help, longer sessions, and have much more complex needs for their online businesses. Those customers will still need those things and we’ll keep their retainers in place.

WordPress Support

Here’s how you benefit: If you need WordPress help on a regular basis, you can get it with web hosting for $89/mo. If you just need the WordPress help, it is $79/mo.

The idea behind this plan is to help our customers manage their sites for an affordable monthly fee. Now, you may ask why we would do this? How could we offer it for $89/mo? Well, we have a good relationship with our customers and know that people who choose this program will not abuse it. We’ve all got to be fair in order for the relationship to work.

Existing customers can convert to this plan by emailing support. If you’ve pre-paid for any other services, we’ll pro-rate to bring the balance in line with the subscription start date.

What’s the catch? 

The catch, if you’d call it that, is your monthly fee must be paid by a credit or debit card.

You can read more details on our WordPress Features page with all the details.

And we had to update our site to reflect the changes. Hope you like it!

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