WebMedley Helps Coach Calipari And Alltech Whip Fans Into A Frenzy For World Equestrian Games

2 September 2010, Comments: Comments Off on WebMedley Helps Coach Calipari And Alltech Whip Fans Into A Frenzy For World Equestrian Games

Thursday afternoon, WebMedley successfully kicked off – for the first time ever – a Facebook/Foursquare scavenger hunt for Coach Calipari to promote the Alltech World Equestrian Games that will be starting in just 22 days. The announcement went out on Coach Calipari’s Facebook Fan Page just 24 hours before the contest started, sending followers scrambling to Foursquare to follow their favorite coach on his latest social media conquest.

Coach Calipari, the reigning “King of The Bluegrass” – and social media – wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We want to continue to be at the forefront of social media and Foursquare gives us an opportunity to have some fun and involve the greatest sports fans in the world, the Big Blue Nation.”

Equally excited about the promotion was Alltech’s Dr. Pearse Lyons.

“The biggest sporting event in the history of the Commonwealth is coming to town, and who better to promote the Alltech Games than the biggest name in college basketball?”

Today’s kickoff included two stops on the campus of the University of Kentucky, one at the corner of Euclid & Woodland – to which Calipari’s clue included a nod to UK’s illustrious past with “…we are at the site of some famous celebrations” – and the second and final stop at the baseball field behind the towering Blanding and Kerwin dormitories.

The two winners received a prize package including two tickets to the World Equestrian Games as well as autographed packages of “Calz Crazy Bandz” and an autographed copy of Calipari’s paperback best-seller, Bounce Back. The package also included shirts, trading pins, and hats from CoachCal.com and the Alltech World Equestrian Games.

WebMedley worked closely with representatives from both Alltech and CoachCal.com to come up with a way to take their online fan base out into the real world and generate even more buzz between two already noteworthy organizations.

Chad Hobson, one half of the WebMedley ownership duo, took the moment to hint at big things ahead for the company.

“This contest actually came out of a new division of the company that we’ll be officially announcing soon where we’re essentially working with high-end, boutique clients in spaces beyond where we’ve traditionally played. We’re excited about the concept and we think those clients, most importantly, will be the biggest benefactors.”

Reactions online were overwhelmingly positive with out-of-town fans offering their advice on the clues to guide the Lexington-based fans to the destinations. Both winners had their pictures taken with their prize and enjoyed a few minutes of fame – front and center – on Calipari’s Facebook Fan Page, with both winners eventually returning to their computers to boast of their victory to their fellow fans.

The ongoing contest is scheduled to pick up again in the next few days as even more prize packages are given out in this exciting scavenger hunt sure to keep fans entertained until the World Equestrian Games begin.

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