We Have Lift-Off...

23 February 2010, Comments: 4

This year has already seen some intensely phenomenal growth for WebMedley and we couldn’t be more humble or appreciative to all of our clients. Without their trust in us, well… it wouldn’t be so good, right? Right.

As we’ve grown over the last year and a half since transitioning WebMedley to our vision and control, it has been pointed out by far too many people that “Hey guys… your website doesn’t really reflect what its like working with you and it doesn’t mention half the things you all do for us.”

Here’s the deal. We’re a lot like parents with newborn children. We prefer to spend more time helping others than ourselves. Most of the time this is a good thing, but as has been [rightfully] pointed out to us, sometimes you’ve got to take a little time for yourself. That’s essentially what we’ve done here.

As those of you who’ve worked with us over the last six plus years will know, we’re not exactly “corporate”… not that there’s anything wrong with that. We’re just a little, ummm, different? Slightly off center? We could sit safely here continuing to provide the two or three services that are “easy” and get by. But what’s the fun in that?

Everyone involved with our company is a hyper-technophile. Sure, we get paid to do a job but its so much more than that. We don’t stop at building websites, we want to get you using all of the latest technology available to help grow your business. And it doesn’t stop there.

The employee headshots on your current site are five years old, why are they still up? Mind if we come by next Tuesday to get some new ones for your new site? How about instead of you writing a four page essay on what you do, we just swing by and film it and then throw some production on top of that and give you something people will WANT to watch? Why are you buying stamps for your newsletter in 2010? There’s no need for stamps folks. What “web development” company does these things? We do. Let WebMedley show you how the other half lives… that’s right, the technophiles. There’s a reason we live this way (hint: it’s waaaay easier).

So essentially, this website now reflects all that we do here at WebMedley.com. But it doesn’t stop there. It also reflects the culture of the office that we call home and the co-workers we call family. Here’s another little secret about us… there’s a wicked sense of humor residing within these offices. If we didn’t enjoy what we were doing, then why in the world would we be here? But that’s the secret sauce. We all enjoy what we do and we want OUR website to reflect that, so watch out for odd bits of humor here and there, hidden and in plain sight. And heck, you should be enjoying this too so why keep all this funny here in Lexington when we can share it with the world?

With that said, enjoy the new look. As of launch, I know that Batman, Harry Caray, and Katt Williams are all to be found on the site, though Harry’s going to be a tough one to find for most people. Stay tuned, as we’ll drop more Easter eggs on the site over time.

In the meantime, please pardon any dust you may find and if anything looks out of place feel free to drop us a note at info@webmedley.com.

4 responses on “We Have Lift-Off…

  1. Bill Dotson says:

    Thank you for all the hard work.

  2. chadhobson says:

    My pleasure… and what are you like 25 in that picture? 😉

  3. Chad Hobson says:

    My pleasure… and what are you like 25 in that picture? And come to think of it, why is my picture so old? Disquuuuussss!!!!!

  4. bradphillips says:


    Unbelievable site and great content. I like the approach, the look, and the thought behind it. I can't believe this is my first time checking it out. I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't this. And I mean that in a positive way. Good luck and keep doing things your way.