1 February 2012, Comments: Comments Off on Online Advertising in 2012

Hundreds of thousands of people advertise online spending billions of dollars per year. There are literally thousands of ways you could advertise your products and services. It’s very confusing and if you are not up on the latest trends and tools, you could spend money without a good feel for the potential return.

We put together a video explaining online advertising in 2012 with WebMedley. You can click this link or scroll down if you’d like to watch it on this page.

After watching the video, if you’d like to learn more, contact us and we’ll review your objectives, budget, and timeline.

Target Audience: small and medium businesses without a dedicated online advertising team

Benefits to you:

  • Learn how your customers/audience expects to interact with you and your competitors online
  • Learn how they find you
  • Learn where their time is spent (online or offline)
  • Understand how you can start or refine your online advertising
  • Understand how our system is better than manual ad management or buying piecemeal
  • Learn how we estimate the number of visitors to your site when we manage your ads
  • Learn about the seven fundamentals of effective online advertising
  • Learn how to get started

Duration: under 20 minutes

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