News You Can Use – June 2010

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Summer is almost here – our new WebMedley t-shirts just came in, people are taking vacations, and the A/C is definitely on. Read on to learn more about some web tips, news, and what’s going on at WebMedley. BTW, if you are in the Lexington area, save the date (July 14th) for our online advertising seminar.

WebMedley hosts a new workshop luncheon series, to share our knowledge. Our first lunch date will be July 14th. Bill Dotson will speak about online advertising with a focus on Google and Facebook. Learn about the benefits and possibilities of online advertising. You can get better results and save money! Our lil’ black book is filling up pretty fast: RSVP now at

WebMedley T-Shirt
(Yes, that’s a new logo!)

Web Tips: Designing a Newsletter

For those of you publishing your own e-mail newsletter, keep in mind you need to include text in the newsletter. Huh?! Want to see why? Below, you’ll see two examples of newsletters sent from companies with hefty marketing budgets. They placed all text in an image – which is unreadable unless you download the images. Messages formatted this way look like spam and may be deleted immediately.

These are the entire newsletters unless you click to view the images. Click to view a larger image. (I’ve put red in place of their info.)




So, you can imagine the “open” rates on these is lower than is could be.

Make sure you have enough text in the newsletter that people will open it and choose to open the images. In addition to a more pleasing view of the images, it allows the newsletter system to track the recipient’s “open”. Its a vital measurement of how your newsletter performs.

If you need help with your newsletter, reply to this message or call me at 859-361-4464.

Cool Sites & Resources

A Visual Study Guide of Cognitive Biases: a presentation about how our brains trick us into incorrect decisions. Very cool and sometimes unfortunate.

An amazing video from England about wearing a seatbelt. This video should win a creativity award. Its beautiful and scary at the same time.

For a lot of fun: – you’ll need speakers and about 10 minutes b/c you’ll get hooked on this. Let your inner composer out.

And finally, Ozzy doing what he does best: scaring people in a very funny way. Keep your volume down for the first 5 seconds….

WebMedley News

Its been a busy 30 days:

  • Launched Hanna Resource Group, Associates in Neurology Research, and John Michael Montgomery’s “Montgomery Mix Pro” web sites. More are in the queue…
  • Helped upgrade and the Kentucky Horse Park’s servers and sites so we can really ramp up the marketing and web projects.
  • Filmed video for BP Asphalt – soon to be released.
  • Signed Coach John Calipari as a client (release here: A new web site and some updated social media for the 1.1 million Twitter followers and 150k Facebook fans are in the works…
  • We’re wrapping up the Maker’s Mark Coach Cal bottle program. I can’t say exactly how much was raised for the Foundation, but its over six figures. The news release will be out soon.
  • Booked to speak at the ASPSN annual convention in October (topic: increasing revenue for a medical practice using the web)
  • We are changing our phone system! Sorry about all the glitches in the past two months.
  • Follow who is at the office on our homepage. We designed a WordPress widget that uses the Foursquare API to pull our venue info and sees who’s currently at the office. Are you on Foursquare yet?

I’d like to thank the WebMedley clients, partners, and staff for helping us get so much done.

If you know of anyone who could use help marketing online and managing their web activities, let me know.


Bill & the WebMedley Team

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