News You Can Use: April 2010

28 April 2010, Comments: Comments Off on News You Can Use: April 2010

Welcome to Spring! Here are a few tips and some news from WebMedley. (If you’ve got ideas or questions, send them in.)

Performing a Mail Merge using Google Apps and GMail

Many of our readers now use GMail and some have tested Google Apps (the Google version of MS Office online). You can learn how to perform a mail merge using nothing but Google Apps after reading Amit’s article. Great tip – just remember GMail has sending limits per day and this is not a replacement for an e-mail marketing service like MailChimp.

(Amit also has a great method of exporting all your Facebook friends’ e-mail addresses, too.)

Follow up on last month’s security post: “How I’d Hack Your Weak Passwords

Finally, I’m a sucker for cool infographics and here’s one about the amount of drinking water in the world. The site, is great if you are into this kind of thing.

Using the “Cloud”

You have probably hear a lot about “the cloud” – and you may wonder what it means. There’s no universal definition, but its commonly referred to when one talks about storing data outside on a local computer network or hard drive. For instance, if you use GMail, then your mail is hosted on Google’s servers – or in “the cloud”.

Amazon Web Services’ page shows just how many cloud-oriented services are available. There are cloud storage options, virtual servers, content delivery networks, and more. We use them for file storage and content delivery on high traffic sites.

There are new companies that offer software and services to manage multiple cloud services. Confused? If you need help, let us know. We will steer you in the right direction.

Before you think about buying your next server or bank of hard drives, consider using a cloud service. It should be at least as cost effective and more secure. Take a look at some case studies to see how the cloud is being used.

WebMedley Company News

Welcome to three new team members:

Nicolle van Rouwendaal, Chris Barnes, and Chris Spaulding

We’ve added video production, editing, and publication to our services. You can see some examples of our work with Dr Wells (check out the latest entries), Maker’s Mark & Coach Calipari, and here.

We’re also dipping our toes into the world of branding. You can get a peek by reviewing our new logo. There is more to come next month.

WebMedley Logo R2.pdf (1 page)

We recently went offsite and reviewed the first quarter of 2010 and plans for the next quarter. Thanks to the clients and advisors who offered feedback to us prior to or during the trip. It really helps us make WebMedley a better organization when we know what you like, dislike, and want from us and from the web.

We heard we need to improve in these areas:

  • communication: knowing who is the WebMedley point of contact and project status updates
  • provide a listing of the exact services offered in our monthly management program
  • educating how these web services can be used

To address these, we’ve added some team members, updated how we use Basecamp for communication and reporting, and are about to schedule monthly visits with certain clients. Our monthly management program is being revamped.

The positive feedback we received was very nice, too.

  • “…I’m convinced we have the right company working for us…” – in regards to site management, online marketing, and social media
  • “…fortunate our paths crossed when they did.”

There was more, but you get the point.

Have a great April. Thanks for allowing us to help your organization!

Bill & the rest of the WebMedley team

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