Microsoft to Users: Move on from IE 6

7 March 2011, Comments: Comments Off on Microsoft to Users: Move on from IE 6

Yes, even Microsoft wants their stragglers to stop using Internet Explorer 6 – that means you 2.9% of the US! According to Net Applications, accumulatively the global user share is 12%, with China topping the charts at 34% and Microsoft aiming for less than 1%. There are better browsers out there IE 6 users!

On the browser’s tenth birthday this March Microsoft demonstrated their commitment to see IE 6 gone for good by launching, featuring a near real-time geographical display of IE 6 users. Microsoft will update the site monthly looking forward to countries dipping under the 1% mark!

We realize that there might not a magic number for when web developers and IT pros can drop support for older browsers, but we believe that 1% will allow more sites and IT pros worldwide to make IE6 a low-priority browser – meaning you don’t have to invest as much time in updates or fixes.

This is good news to receive for the development community as IE 6 has pained many a web developer. The Aten Design Group in Denver, CO had a humorous way of expressing their desire to see IE 6 gone by hosting a funeral for IE 6. Microsoft had a clever ‘tushay’ by sending flowers.

All-in-all, newer, safer, faster browsers are available and everyone is in agreement, even Microsoft. IE 6, it’s time to move on.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, IE6 was a great browser for its time, but we all need the web to move forward. We’re inviting everyone to share this site with friends, acquaintances, clients, and IT admins to see for themselves why even Microsoft thinks the world would be better off without IE6. Please join us in tracking the progress as we count down the market share of IE6.

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