Having Internet Explorer 8 Issues in WebMedley 1?

15 June 2009, Comments: Comments Off on Having Internet Explorer 8 Issues in WebMedley 1?

Some of you may have already ran across this.  It seems that the new web browser IE8 has had a problem with the WM1 toolbar for editing the website.  When the initial release for IE8 came out, the toolbar was working fine.  It had undergone testing when the browser was in the beta stage.

It seems that when leaving the toolbar enabled when closing the browser, a Microsoft Error is displayed.  It looks something like this:

Do not worry.  The error is not causing any trouble.  It simply can not communicate correctly with the computer.

The resolution?
Simply enable and disable the WebMedley toolbar when needed.

Right click in the grey area above your tabs or next to other buttons.  A drop down should pop up giving you a list of add-ons/menu bars.  From there you can select the ones that you want to enable or disable.

When you are getting ready to edit the site, enable the toolbar.  When you are finished, before closing the browser, disable the toolbar.

Its a real simple fix and causes no harm to your computer.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at support@webmedley.com.

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