General FAQ

I want a new site. Can you help me?
Yes. We have two options for our sites. The first is our Medley Plan. We will build your first three pages for you and then answer support questions and perform tasks after you finish your site. The second way is a custom site. These projects involve a lot more hand-holding and we perform almost all of the work to build a complete website.
I have a site hosted elsewhere and want to keep it there. Can you help me with WordPress tasks?
Yes. Our WordPress Support Plan is designed for people who want WordPress help without our hosting service.
What kind of tasks do you do for the support service?
We handle WordPress core and plug-in updates, style changes, image edits, and other day to day tasks for WordPress and digital marketing. We do not move hundreds of pages, design video, build logos, or other things requiring more than about a half hour per task.
Is there a limit on how many tasks I can request?
There’s not a limit, per se. However, we try to be fair with your team and ours. We expect a number of tasks per month from you. If we determine there’s a lot of requests, we may package them into a one time “clean up” project for a fee. It is only $25 for every 30 minutes.
How quickly do you complete tasks?
We usually complete the task the same day you request it. The only exceptions are when we need some more information from you or a third party.
What are your hours?
We work 8: 30 am – 6: 00 pm EST Mon – Fri. We also answer other support requests beyond these hours – we just do not guarantee it. If there are enough requests for phone support outside our standard hours, then we’ll change our hours to meet the demand.
Who and where are you?
You can find out the scoop on us here, but the short and sweet: we are located in Lexington KY, USA. Our team has been working in digital marketing for a long time. We decided WordPress would be our platform of choice a few years ago. We host hundreds of WP sites in the US, Canada, and some across both ponds!
How safe is my information with WebMedley?
Hundreds of companies trust us to maintain their sites and have trusted us for over 5 years. Our existing consulting customers know we manage their info to limit the risk of anything bad happening. We manage login info in an encrypted tool, our support and billing systems use SSL, and all our team members sign NDAs recognizing the confidentiality of info we manage. If you help us grow, we’ll start brining in auditors and so forth. Hint hint… ;)
Why are you offering the support service so inexpensively when your executive consulting is comparatively expensive?
Many of our regular support requests are easy to handle – once you know how. Our support team is really good at handling these issues and can do so quickly. The executive consulting often deals with more difficult technical and marketing issues, project teams, and multi-month projects. If your organization is just getting started and does not need executive level consulting, we’ve got you covered. Once you grow and have bigger projects, we’ve got you covered then, too.
I have more questions. How can I get them answered before buying?
Just email support@webmedley.com or call 800-434-8607 and we’ll have someone on the phone with you quickly.

Hosting FAQ

Where is my site hosted?
We host using a few cloud providers: Rackspace & Amazon. You might say we are your managers of hosting. We set WordPress sites up and receive price breaks and priority support since we have so many accounts at the providers. We choose to backup sites on one side of the US and serve them from another side of the US.
Do I have a control panel?
Yes, but it is not Cpanel or Plesk. We found our customers are intimidated by these and don’t often log in to these systems. They would rather send their requests to us and we manage them.
What are the specs?
You’ll receive up to 3 GB of storage and 3 GB of monthly bandwidth in our standard package. If you need more, just send in a request and let us know if it is only for a short time or long term. If it is short term, then we will not charge for a small burst. If it is long term, we will add a nominal fee to your monthly service.
Do you offer email?
We can, but prefer not to. We recommend Google Apps and Office 365 for email.
Can I use SSL and get a dedicated IP?
Yes. The SSL costs $99/year and the dedicated IP is $20/mo.
Do you back-up my files?
Yes – daily. You should still keep a local copy though!