Custom Sites

The “Do it for Me” model is the most popular WebMedley business. We’ll talk, learn your goals, and build the website, emails, etc that are required to help you meet your goals.

WebMedley offers services in a number of areas related to an organization’s web and brand presence.

The short list of our services include:

  • Building & Hosting Web Sites
  • Email marketing
  • Establishing a Social Media presence (Facebook, Twitter, and more)
  • Support and Training services related to using your digital assets

The rest of this page describes how we typically work with a customer. Sometimes, a customer uses all of the services and other times it may only be one or two services.

How does we work? It’s simple. We listen. Nobody knows your business better than you do. WebMedley will customize your message based on what you need and set the tools in place to get you where you want to go. Don’t know what you want? That’s okay too. We can work with you to turn the uncertainties of your message into a clear and direct approach.

Web Site Creation & Design: Building Web Sites

WebMedley will use its expertise to build a site layout and design benefiting both potential clients and search engines. WebMedley will recommend a site layout and colors that reflect the style of your organization and incorporates the current logo/letterhead.

WebMedley will insert copy you send us for each page in the Site Map or you can use our copy writing services. After the pages are built, we install a number of modules that help us manage the site and track who is visiting and how they arrived. We use this information along with the advertising metrics, explained later, to make sure you are spending your capital in an effective manner.

We host the site or you can have it hosted elsewhere (but why?!).

Social Media

Once the initial site is created, we will register a username based on your organization’s name at over 30 social networks and online tools. This is WebMedley’s SocialClaim service. We will only use a few of these services so the act of registering on other sites may seem superfluous. There are two reasons we do this: to prepare for the rise of another network and to prevent others from using your name. Once registered, we will give you a file with all of the logins and passwords. You’ll have a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account, and more. These will be a part of your marketing efforts after the site goes live.

Web Site Management Training

We’ll train you how to edit the web site. The editor does not need to know HTML code, but it will help understand some of the concepts in WordPress, our preferred content management system. Tens of thousands of people use the content management system we’ll supply to you so you can imagine it can be picked up fairly quickly.

Online Advertising and Marketing

We consult with you about online advertising. This service is not our specialty so we do not maintain it for you. We explain the concepts and guide you through the set up. It is up to our customers to manage it on an ongoing basis. We’ll help you review progress if you are new to online advertising.

Email Marketing

Your newsletter should go out to current and prospective clients. The newsletter cannot communicate “here’s what you can buy”; rather it needs to contain information relevant to them no matter whether they do business with you or not. The newsletter system we use, MailChimp, allow us to track who is opening the messages, integrates with your web site statistics, and helps us stay in compliance with the CAN-SPAM laws. We recommend a once a month or once a quarter newsletter.

When the newsletter is published, it will also publish to your Facebook Fan Page and Twitter. If you have a LinkedIn profile, it’ll publish there, too.

Local Search Engine Results

Many searches now have a city and/or state included in them. There are many local directories – Google Local, Yahoo, Yelp, and more. We help you add and manage the listings. Monthly, we provide data letting you know how many people created driving directions to your site, how many visited your site, and what terms they used to get there. (At this time, these stats are not integrated with the web site stats. Hopefully, Google will remedy this in the future.)

Digital Marketing Management

WebMedley offers a complete outsourcing model for your digital marketing.

If you know the goals for your site and are ready to share the responsibility with a company experienced in managing the technologies, people, and trends, then you may be interested in our Digital Marketing Management services.

We help businesses manage their sites, social media, advertising, and more. You can concentrate on running your business and we’ll handle the “digital back office”.

What are you waiting for? Contact us to get started.